Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Elder Waite being his crazy usual self!

Zach and his new Tony the tiger outfit that he likes to wear around the flat!

 Zach and his Comp. decided they would by these  jumpsuits because they don't have money to buy Kilts yet, so they said it was the next best thing ha ha!

They found this little bear out in the middle of no where so of course they had to practice teaching the gospel to it!

         They said they were pretty sure that was blood on the door SCARY!

                                          Oh look Elder Waite made a new friend!

 Elder Andrus, Lorna Morag McWilliam ( she works for NASA :D mind Blown i know) and then Elder Waite

                                              Rainbow on Baptism day its a sign!

                                                  Hole 18 on St. Andrews and the famous bridge

       On the beach of where they filmed "Chariots of Fire" with St. Andrews in the background

                              Just Kicking it! by my watch tower castle on top of kinnoull hill

                                                                     Where is Zach
                                               The river Tay and Perthshire

                           Brother Rutter Aka Mr. Fredrickson the old man from the movie Up
                                                             King arthur's Seat/ Pratts Hill
                                                                      Sunset by River Tay!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sept. 30Th!

the golf course was amazing!! weather wasnt to good but oh well it was so beautiful i loved it! and today our branch president took us out fishing up in a loch!!! so beautiful so nice to get out of the city life and see the country they dont have highways over here so all there roads are thru the country which are amazingly beautiful i forgot my usb cord back at the flat but ill email some pictures home of the baptism and country side! this week was great me and elder andrus are doing just fine! our investigator who got baptized said that were like a little married couple! which we both freak out and were like what the!!! but she just ment we get a long really well which we do! i still am horrible at door approaches but oh well just got to keep trying! and on friday the day of the baptism we went out tracting and we had a guy answer the door naked so ugh yeah great stuff!!! haha we still lack priesthood but we got a couple brethern who have recovered from there surgeries and are getting better so we will soon have others at hand! We have so many ppl here to teach but we still need more! Mom!!!!!!! i need you to email me a picture of me dancing or dressed up in my cowboy stuff!!! my favorite member Elenor Robinson who is the best she always feeds us and is our favorite and so good to us said she would like to see a picture of me all hicked up or me dancing for like the waltz i did so plz email me some pictures so i can show her!!! But yeah Elenor we have like about a good 10 investigators we teach just from her basically her whole street is being taught by her! so she is the best!!! Saturday we had a church headquarters in which took us to crieff which is like a half hour away from perth then from there we had to get a taxi and be dropped off in the middle of nowhere and we were challenged when we contact them that we tract 10 doors on each side in which of course it was the only house out there so when we came up to the house it was empty and being rebuilt so yeah we spent all day saturday walking out in the forrest and we came across some donkeys so yeah that was interesting! but deciding wether we should have turned back our not my mind reflected upon nephi and not knowing where to go but he kept pressing forward we decide to do the same till we came up to a house in which someone was home and was able to tell us that the lady we were suppose to contact had moved back to creiff in which we were able to go back and contact her, which she is a member but her husband and kids are not! so what a blessing that was the only ppl we saw all day knew exactly where we could find the person we needed to find even though they didnt want to hear or accept our message! we were able to find her! sunday was a roller coaster day one of my good friends from the mtc went back home!!! so ugh i just never thought he would go home so that was hard to coup with and then when i did the confirmation i messed up her middle name when i first said it, so yeah i stop and restarted, so yeah i felt really bad, but she said dont worry about it and the power of the priesthood is such a blessing we have and that we take for granted! the power and the feelings we get or able to receive from such a simple blessing is amazing to me!!!! but after we went and were able to teach about the prophet joesph smith and thomas s. monson and about general conference this weekend which was really good! but after went tracting and yeah it didnt go to well! and just feel like i am always gettin chasted by the spirit and i cant ever do anything right! and probably like the worse missionary ever! but today as i was reading in D&C 94 about when the prophet joesph smith and others were being chasted my mind went back to football and what hickman told me! that if the coaches are always harping on you then that means they see how great you can become and how much talent you really have! so dont worry about it keep working to get better! the only time we need to worry is when the coaches stop getting after ya and stop harpin yeah. so as i feel like i can do better and feel the spirit harp on me i know its for my own good and that the lord see's how great i can become as long as i keep trying to improve and be all that i can be, the only time i got to start worrying is when i stop listening to the spirit and stop hearing him get after me! now i know he will always be there with arms wide open but its up to me that i may always call on him and go to him! We cant ever give up on ppl no matter what always dig a little deeper work a little harder! all i ever think about is the ppl i am serving, from the time i get up till the time i go to bed and even in my sleep, its not about me and it cant be about me ever! its about the others we serve i am that miracle they are looking for at the age of 19 that might be a lot to ask but as many faithful prophets answered the call at a young age i to must answer that call of duty! to step up honor my priesthood and be that miracle that those ppl need or the instrument god needs me to be so his work can go forward! So ours may live!! i am not the smartest or the greatest never have been never will be, but with god by my side i know i can be what he wants me to be!!
and for general conference were going to dundee, we get to watch all of them except sunday afternoon session cause of the time difference so yeah watch one on saturday! then priesthood, then saturday afternoon, then sunday morning live! then afternoon is to late so we will have to watch it later during the week or wait till the ensign so yeah! The gospel is true the power of the priesthood is the true authority to act in the name of God may we never take it lightly and always honor it! Love you all let me know when we have that new addition to our family this month!!! love you all
Love Elder Waite