Thursday, November 8, 2012

beautiful pictures of scotland

Nov. 4th letter

Well Sounds like everything is going well back in the US except the hurricane sandy seems pretty bad from what ppl tell us! i hope Cole is doing alright in west point! So jess is moving back up to washington huh? well thats good. this past week has been a toughy one for me went through the refiner's fire me and my comp. tuesday night my comp. woke me up in the middle of the night asking for a blessing, and yeah this week was pretty much shot after that i went to dunfermilne after that cause my district leader came up for and emergency exchange! and so yeah just a lot of stuff went on and i got no sleep at all this week! Dad you are right you just have to love everyone no matter what! Mom it is all about the family! tell carlie and josh their in my prayers but as the week was bascially terrible and we really didnt do anything the lord was able to bless us as we taught the sister of our recent convert and she has committed to be baptized on Nov. 16th so yeah still got to teach and prepare her for everything! and another progressing investigator as told us she is going to put all her faith in christ and somehow get off work so she can come to church on sunday! this week is pretty special are recent converts are headed down to the temple to do some baptisms!
Well mom and dad if yeah have missed me i got some bitter/sweet news for yeah, sense the lord has decide to lower the age of coming out on a misson, we are informed that will limit our visas and that we will be coming home one transfer early! so i will be coming home sometime either in end of june or sometime in july! which is good i guess cause then i can see ty and all the family! but right now it is pretty hard to swallow and to cope with cause i feel like i am gettin jibbed! i want to serve my full 2 years not 1 and 11 months but ugh i know the lord always has a way for me and but right now i need to do some prayering and find that peace! because i dont want to go home! and it means i have to work harder, and their is only so much i can do and give, but there is always more and i never feel like i am giving more! each day i increase and serve more but ugh just little confused right now! but i know i cant think about it that i need to just give and if this is what got to happen then it will happen and i just have to deal with it and give my best! Moves call is end of november thanksgiving week so yeah pretty sure me and my comp. will be splitting up so yeah! just one of those things i guess, still really stink at leaving and saying goodbye to people! been focusing a lot on desire and the atonement this past week and forgiveness, and i hope you always have the desire to serve others i know were human and some days just dont want to! and yeah we slack off but as we keep reading the scriptures we just do! i have found that asking is not the way of the lord just hope in and start giving a hand! the Scots are hard people they are very independant and i can see where i get a lot of my traits and personality from our ancestors! i know god has called me here for a reason, i may not ever know what that reason is till i am long gone back home and away from scotland but like Josh advised me before live each day with no regrets! and i always remember Colt's advice in just have fun! Sometimes i worry so much and work myself up so much that i just need to sit back enjoy life and have some fun! So Really so grateful for everyone advice i still have a lot to work on, and probably havent changed one bit! but it will come just take it one day at a time! Hope all is well, and mom just send the package around thanksgiving time! idk when it would get here, so yeah and i might end up in ireland or something idk will see after moves call and yes mom most likely will skype home when we call yeah! oh i have paid somewhat back my comp. ill have to get more money next week, so yeah this month ill be in the hole again but oh well just teaching me how to manage my money better! oh we also went golfing this morning and scots are just so nice they let us golf for free today so yeah that was a blessing! just love this area! if you guys plan on picking me up will defintaly come visit perth! oh yeah mom elenor my favorite member as given me a cow surpy thingy to send home to yeah, cause she found out you like cows so yeah! when i get money ill send it to yeah! love you all!! have a good week

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Elder Waite being his crazy usual self!

Zach and his new Tony the tiger outfit that he likes to wear around the flat!

 Zach and his Comp. decided they would by these  jumpsuits because they don't have money to buy Kilts yet, so they said it was the next best thing ha ha!

They found this little bear out in the middle of no where so of course they had to practice teaching the gospel to it!

         They said they were pretty sure that was blood on the door SCARY!

                                          Oh look Elder Waite made a new friend!

 Elder Andrus, Lorna Morag McWilliam ( she works for NASA :D mind Blown i know) and then Elder Waite

                                              Rainbow on Baptism day its a sign!

                                                  Hole 18 on St. Andrews and the famous bridge

       On the beach of where they filmed "Chariots of Fire" with St. Andrews in the background

                              Just Kicking it! by my watch tower castle on top of kinnoull hill

                                                                     Where is Zach
                                               The river Tay and Perthshire

                           Brother Rutter Aka Mr. Fredrickson the old man from the movie Up
                                                             King arthur's Seat/ Pratts Hill
                                                                      Sunset by River Tay!