Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Elder Waite being his crazy usual self!

Zach and his new Tony the tiger outfit that he likes to wear around the flat!

 Zach and his Comp. decided they would by these  jumpsuits because they don't have money to buy Kilts yet, so they said it was the next best thing ha ha!

They found this little bear out in the middle of no where so of course they had to practice teaching the gospel to it!

         They said they were pretty sure that was blood on the door SCARY!

                                          Oh look Elder Waite made a new friend!

 Elder Andrus, Lorna Morag McWilliam ( she works for NASA :D mind Blown i know) and then Elder Waite

                                              Rainbow on Baptism day its a sign!

                                                  Hole 18 on St. Andrews and the famous bridge

       On the beach of where they filmed "Chariots of Fire" with St. Andrews in the background

                              Just Kicking it! by my watch tower castle on top of kinnoull hill

                                                                     Where is Zach
                                               The river Tay and Perthshire

                           Brother Rutter Aka Mr. Fredrickson the old man from the movie Up
                                                             King arthur's Seat/ Pratts Hill
                                                                      Sunset by River Tay!

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