Monday, August 20, 2012

Another day at the MTC

well i only have 30 mins so yeah its gonna be tough i love the mtc it is so much fun my comp. is from portgual elder caleria he's dad was a of the seventy a while back he is a great man very humbled and teaches me a lot, the accents of the british are just amazing i love it i have one teacher who is german and has german accent and a british accent then i have a sister who basically reminds me of natalie rust just with a british accent and she is great. so far me and tim have been having a good time i see him everyday there is about 56 elders and sisters here total so yeah very one on one hands on president walker is the man! great man love him, i have me and my comp and then 4 other elders in my room one is 24 from wales other 27 from all over england who is blind basically who cant see out of his right eye and barely sees out of his left eye and has to read the bom inches away from his face very great man he has already served 2 pre missions for 6 weeks period and yeah funny story as we were out walking around the grounds he ran straight into a light pole cause it was on his right side and we forgot to tell him, haha poor guy but he is great, and then the other 2 missionaries one is from utah and the other from idaho so yeah love are district great guys, this friday we are going to manchester prostlying and me and my comp. are sure we are gonna get a baptism this week haha oh he is also servin in manchester, and yeah excerise stinks cause they all play soccer and i look like a fool everyday and fall on my face but whatever, mom you either forgot to pack a towel for me or i lost it but ya i have no towel, and i am pretty sure my eating habits are very abnormal over here i always get seconds and no one else does they always eat with forks and knives and i usually just use a fork or my hands haha so yeah but dont worry i have been told that scotland is like the south of america and that there all fat and like to eat a lot so yeah thats good cause ill fit right in, today my comp. went through the temple and i was his escourt which was awesome the temple is beautiful love all the green it has only rained once up here on sunday where we were inside the whole day but yeah life is great i learn much everyday, and just work hard, not really stressing out, or freaking out haha just having fun and being myself, i am sure i am a big joke to most of the missionaries but thats ok god knows me and what i can do so i trust in him and everything is about the spirit so i always let him guide me cause i never know what to say but he always does so yeah i just study and work hard each day pray for everyone and be the man god would have me be, i love all of you thanks for everything wish i could repay you in some way, i try my hardest each day to make you guys proud, and love my savior jesus christ! he is my everything and i owe him my life, cant wait to get out into the field and actually be outside all the time, but oh well i am here to prepare so i must take advantage of this oppuritinty, we are going into town today so i can get a towel, also mom like i told you we excerise everyday and you did not give me enough shorts or gym socks so i will most likely buy some shorts in the near future and i will need to buy a laundry basket cause i do not have one of those either, oh yeah i have also highlight my tie and most likely spill food on me everyday so that tide to go pen is saving me, probably need a couple more of those, the food is great here i really dont know what i am eating sometimes but i never question i just eat it and move on and find that it is very good, i am not a very picking man when it comes to food so i will always be good there, but basically from 630 till 1030 we are on the move study eating searching and teaching, so yeah first couple days kick my butt with jet lag and what not but now i am on schedule and got it down, also many of the elders and my district have took into note that i have a lot of energy as all of you may now, so that is very hard for them to cope with but oh well, my comp after every meal always wants to take a nap cause thats what they do back home so it is very hard from him to keep goin he is a quiet and humbled man and i am a loud and outgoing working all the time so god knows what he is doing, but together we are doing great and i always make him loaugh which always relies his stress that he may have, other elders like elder denbenham like i mentioned last time he is from sandy utah and kenz selman from school knows him and he is a great and funny guy and just loving everyone and everything right now, thats sweet that ty got transferred i only got one more week after this one so yeah hopefully ill make it haha then they bettter watch out up there in scotland cause i am coming! oh yeah i have also realized that i am fat and as i jumped up on my bed on the top bunk i broke it haha so yeah me and my comp best decide if we would switch bunks haha so yeah other great story, also elder caleira has to keep me on track alot because i get side track and i love you all

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