Sunday, August 19, 2012

London MTC

Hanging out at the Mtc and his cousin Tim is on the right!

Dear Family, Friends, and love ones,
I have arrived in the great land of our ancestors!!! in the land of England!!!
After saying goodbye to my mother and farther at the Las Vegas airport i flew to SLC, and stayed in the airport for 2 hours where i meet up with 4 elders Elder Neal, Elder White, Elder Donaldson, Elder Griffin and Sister Knab which they are all from utah after we departed for chicago and trying to be a great missionary on the plane and talk to everyone around me i soon found out that the guy i was sitting next to was a teacher at the provo mtc, and everyone else was mormon, so i soon just decide to read my scriptures and pmg, and then take a nap as we came into chicago we meant up with 2 canadian missionaries elder Ulloal and sister miblen and going for my second try on trying to deliver a message to some ppl at the food court i found that the family i sat next to was italtian and didnt speak a lick of english, so i had once again was unable to share a message about the gospel then i called Dad and sorry i hanged up on ya the time ran out hope you know i love all of you guys! finally as we boarded the plane for the long flight over to England and getting another chance to talk to some other ppl about the gospel my neighbor or the guy who i sat next to talk to me for about 2 min drank his coffee and then fell asleep for the whole plane ride over along with the rest of the ppl on the plane so me and Elder griffin just talked and walked around the plane when we got bored and we slept for about an hour! but once we have arrived in the airport in manchester and got through all the luggae i meant up with Elder Richards and 15 other Elders in which one Elder DeBenham, who is from Sandy knows Kenzie Selman up from college and is good friends with her and is good friends with Ben who was Bowen comapion in the mtc and another elder who was Ray's compaion in the mtc. so yeah small world!! after we drove up to preston up here on the mtc me and Elder Richards trying to get the whole bus to joy in song singing hymns but realizing we didnt really have enought hymn books and that no one could keep a tune it did not go so well haha however the country is beautiful, little weird seeing cars drive on the opposite side of the rode but oh well thats life, the mtc is Great president Walker and Sister Walker which is president hinckley daughter are awesome there is about 56 Elders here and 4 sister missionaries all going to either scotland/ireland, leeds, or manchester mission. Wonderful being here there going easy on us today but tomorrow were off and running p-days are on tuesday so thats when yeah will here from me, they said you willl be receiving an invitation to a Picasa Web Album that will have my pictures of me and my mtc experience, so look for it, it possibly could be in the spam email. Ask them to let you know when they have accessed the site and seen the pictures. love yeah you all gotta go talk to you more on tuesday!!!

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