Monday, September 3, 2012

First week in Scotland!!

Dear Family and Love ones,
I have reached the mother land of Scotland!!! i am serving in perth scotland which is in the dundee stake, it is just me and my companion Elder Andrus he is from draper utah and wouldnt you know it he knows Elder debeham from the mtc and kenz selman from school so yeah, he is pretty great really relax and chill and easy going which is good, but i think at times it will be a little hard, cause i like to get out and go to work and sometimes he just wants to sit and do nothing but yeah we havent had really any problems, it has been sunny here the past couple days although my second day i got the lovely weather of rain and wind and yeah it is cold and like grandma glenn said the heating system over here suck but oh well! thats life what can yeah do, the accent is not to bad over here some of the older ppl are hard to understand because they mostly mumble and so quiet but they said the really strong accents are in glasgow and up north, but we are in a city but we are surrounded by the rollin hills so thats always nice to look off in the distant and see the country, believe it or not noah ark is in are area so hopefully one day we can go check it out! Well we have a small branch of about 20 people who basically are all old, except we got one young man who is 18 and was baptized in june so yeah and we also have another young man going to college so yeah, Well the mission president was good i really didnt get to talk to him just 5 min interview and yeah climbing up pratt's hill/ king arthurs seat was pretty awesome although it rained and the wind was blowing pretty good, but yeah up on the hill we talk to a young man who was from austria about the gospel and he is going back and we got his info and what not so hopefully the other missionaries go help them, big variety of races cause of the university, but yeah president brown fed me and my compaion to the lions we are white washing the area right now cause the last missionaries one of them got a little to close to a girl investigator and got e-transferred to ireland so yeah past weekend we spent just trying to find are way around town, and yeah street contacting and door to door contacting was great as no one wanted to listen to us and yelled at us all day haha great fun, but yeah one of the members is 84 year old sea dog so we go read to him cause he lives all alone and he looks like the guy from the movie Up haha so he is great, and then we have a less active who she lives all alone with her cat and use to be in a band for 28 yrs and yeah she is so sweet, yesterday for dinner we went over to Elenor's in our ward and she gave us a huge dinner so yeah they do like to eat over here, and there sweets and desserts are sooo good!! its kind of cool over here but weird cause sometimes i feel like i am living a dream or in a fairytale cause all the buildings and what not remind me of peter pan, 101 dalemantions, or harry potter or something like that then other parts of the city you feel like your in a dr. seus book where ever flat his the same and its like the perfect neighborhood, besides all the rubbish on the ground and the only thing that is different is the color of the door, also we cant really talk to ppl on the buses because the bus driver can throw us off but bugging ppl so yeah, we have no car got to walk everywhere and yeah thats just great, one of my great stories is as we were on the bus ond day a bunch of drunks got on the bus after a football game (soccer) and they sat all around me and saw the badge and hit me from every angle about mormons and if i could sing like donny osmond and what not so yeah that was real great. theres a lot to do here so i just got to go to work, i try everyday to do my best and i need to open my mouth more, and we got to do a lot of work but we got to do smart work that will be really effective so yeah were just trying to figure things out right now, i miss yeah guys a lot, and tell may i love her to! but although i miss you guys and everyone else i know this is where i am suppose to be, i dont like thinking about myself all i ever think about is our investigators and ppl who are here and how i can help them, ha i struggling but ill get no worries, God has pick me up like everyday, the hardest thing i think is finding myself and being a missionary! cause my companion just told me one day you need to relax and be yourself cause thats the only way the spirit can work through you so yeah, haha oh yeah mostly everyone here has a dog and one of the doors the dog was a giant german shepard and the person didnt hold it back so yeah had to make a quick dash over the fence! haha another thing that suck this week was we had sister beck former reliance president speaking in dundee tomorrow and we had 3 investigators that were planning on going but we as the missionaries couldnt go cause of what happen with the past missionaries! and we had to have a mel. holder which we did the branch president but yeah we still couldnt go so yeah all 3 investigators bailed out sense we werent going yesterday! so yeah its hard, cause most ppl dont believe in god, they'll always say oh i am catholic i dont believe in god haha so yeah and when we go tracking the economy sucks over here so mostly everyone we see is either leaving for work, going to bed, or having tea (dinner) time so yeah, and we have a lot of less actives cause there all old and sick and have medical issues so they never come to church, cause the NHS sucks and they dont ever get any help over here so yeah its really sad to see, oh yeah another story was we went and taught this old couple who invited us in and were smoking cause well they all smoke over here so we didnt mind but we were in there quite a while and we noticed that they had sealed the windows and doors so yeah they were basically hot boxen us inside haha and yeah we were in there forever ha so yeah when we got out we both like almost threw up cause we were like so sick! haha we also have this old guy named cliff who is divorced and baiscally is a missionary and talks to everyone and give us like all of our contacts so yeah he is great! really funny old lad! Ugh well yeah the work goes forward with me or without me never in my life have i ever been so happy,miserable, and every other emotion you could think of go through me in one day, i love the people here there so great, and on sundays even although none of them believe in god they shut down like everything all the bars and shops so its always peaceful reminds of back home in the valley! Sorry to hear about Geof poor kid! let him no i love him and praying for him! i know this church is true!! i know that my redeemer lives and he died for me and my sins, everything i am going through right now he's already gone through for me so although i am struggling i know he is there lifting me up and i must press forward and lose myself in the work, i dont think i will ever come back ha sorry i love it over here!!! haha love you all hope all is well at home! oh yeah mom when you send a package over here it goes to the missionary home and then just sits there till someone from the home heads up my way to my area or if i go in and get it so yeah cant really make the packages huge! just like a shoe box! so yeah if you sent me that greeny package probably gonna sit at the mission home for a couple weeks so hopefully you didnt make any homemade cookies or something haha but if yeah did oh well thanks anyways and also my watch broke the strap thinging just ripped off so please let me know how much i can spend with my credit card a month, so i can keep track of stuff in case emergency come up, cause the card the church gives me is basically for food and supplies so yeah anything thats personal i can use it i guess but they only give so much money a month so yeah i need to have money on that card to for emergency! and yeah love you all!! you can send post however to my flat in perth or if any of my friends want to one day, write me, only received a letter from Elder Witter, but yeah here is my current address for the next 3 months:
Elder Zachery Waite
Scotland/Ireland mission
85 E Dunkeld Road
Perth, Scotland
United Kingdom
so yeah just put that up on the blog in case anyone wants to write me! :)

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