Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One month down!

Well thanks for the letters and no worries i didnt mean to sound like i was depressed about not getting letters i knew i wasnt gonna get any anyways so no worries i just enjoy receiveing your letters so thank you so much!! well yeah dad let me know how preston doing, and thats way awesome about kelan meeting elder holland, and yeah mom give me geof's address so i can write him! or give him mine! uh pdays we havent done anything last week we had to clean the apt cause the last missionaries didnt do a thing and today we just went shopping for stuff and went down on centre street, mom if you are gonna buy anything from amazon type in on the interent amazon.co.uk, so that way you can just buy it and put down my address in perth so the package will be dropped off at my flat!! so yeah, i still havent gotten your package so probably just sitting at the mission home, and today my missionary card didnt work the pin number like always i hate fricking debit cards and yeah if the machine doesnt get the right pin number it eats your card and they said you just hit cancel and take it out after it didnt work the first time which i did but yeah it just decide to eat my card so yeah i have to get a new card from salt lake city, and yeah its dumb over here cause there cards have chips they dont have a swipe so yeah its really annoying and i just hate cards!! so yeah i am fine with food, and everything so dont worry but if an emergency comes up i might have to use the credit card just so yeah know, but hopefully ill get my new card by next week!!
well this week i have been blessed, i figure out that i dont have to be some robot missionary and all i have to do is be myself and try everyday to get a little better so i set out and made a goal to talk to the first 5 ppl i see everyday when i walk out of the flat which it works and now i am pretty comfortable talking to ppl in the streets, door contacting however i still have some freeze up moments but i know as long as i try and keep trying the lord will blessing me which he did this week, we have a baptism!!!! for a Lady who is about 40 is a astro.phys. and works for NASA, however she has a nerve disease that only 29 other ppl have it in the world so yeah but she is a wonderful and such a smart lady, her name is lorna she hasnt received an answer yet but were aiming for 29th of this month for her!! she also made us homemade brownies which i figure out that is an american thing and yeah oh they were so good!! but yeah She has been sent from heaven as angels have prepared her, so grateful to be part of Gods work i dont really say much and when i do probably doesnt make any sense but i always just try to bare my testimony and help her out!! oh also we may have another baptism next month!! over here it will always take time with these ppl, so we have to take it really slow, just because its so hard for them to stop doing what there culture does over here drink and smoke so yeah, but we met this guy named martin 3 times when we were out tracking, and yeah from his family he has had 6 members of his family die, one committed sucided and the other one was murdered and he told us how he went down that path of destruction drinking and everything, and he finally stop and has turned right around, he lives with his finace and they both have said they feel really comfortable with us which was always a great feeling, but yeah he is a catholic so he yeah he's like my mom and dad were a catholic so ill die a catholic but yeah who knows! Just another soul who God has prepared for us, so grateful the wonderful blessings he has been giving us, it hasnt been easy never is and never will be, and the weather was good last week but this week heard it was suppose to be nasty so yeah but must keep pressing forward, hardest thing is so many ppl dont see the importance of church they just say oh i can just pray and worship at our home so yeah, oh funny story when we walk in to teach lorna she had salesmen in her apt. one night selling her a phone system and we did a reverse sales on one of them who is from edinburgh and paskstain and we gave him a book of mormon and missionaries in edinburgh are gonna go visit him so yeah! oh the country side is so loving over here i think i have found heaven somedays the clouds are so low i can just reach up and grabb em it feels like! oh also when we were out tracking door to door we came across this house in which the only way to get to the door was through the dark and overgrowth tunnel of darkness and at the end of the tunnel was a little old lady who was crazy!!! but she new of us and yeah me and my comp. decide we just entered into another world so yeah! also i have meant farther time!!! this old guy beard was like down to his belly button and had long nails and pretty sure he had a wizard staff to!!! but yeah life is great we had 5 investigators at church yesterday!!!! i also had to give a talk which was great cause one of the investigators brought like 6 grandchildren and she such a sweet lady been talking lessons sense last christmas but her husband as a drinking problem and when her and her daughter decide to get baptize he flip out and yeah so we are just taking it slow still but yeah with all those little kids in sacrament all through my talk kids were screaming and fighting so yeah it was pretty good, except our branch doesnt know how to do everythin and oh yeah we have sacrament as our last meeting over here but yeah after we were trying to talk to all of our investigators while all the members were trying to do things for them and help them load there will chairs and what not in there cars and yeah we were just running around with our heads cut off yesterday!!! but my comp. said he has never had 5 investigators at church before so God is truely looking out for me!!! oh another story one of our less active members we found out never comes out of his home because he testified against a gang member here and feels that he has a targert on him so he never leaves his house, also when we phoned one of our potenital investigators a women answered it and said he was missing and the cops were looking for him so yeah some interesting stories!!! but yeah thank you for all your prayers and your love God is truely looking out for me over here, i am so blessed to have all of you! Dad be so grateful for the members of our ward cause, it is so sad over here, but we have high hopes and will hopefully lift the branch up! my companion says i am very perstitant, which is good but i have a feeling one day ill take a fist to the face haha on the bus i tried talking to some old lady and she didnt want to hear what i wanted to say so she just turned off her hearing aid so yeah haha oh also our branch president took me out to my first pub shop which the food was amazing!! and one pday he said he will take us fishing so yeah! the work moves on with or without me This is god's work i am so grateful everyday i have to breath and try to pay him back for all the pain i caused him but the more i try and repay him the more love and blessings he give me! i will ever be indebt to my savior and the wonderful sacrafice he made for me! thank you for all your love and your prayers i feel them everyday before i leave my flat and feel of thy love when i pray i hope you know i love you all and pray for you each night! till next week!!
Love you son,Elder Zachery Waite

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